About Us

Computer Aid Sri Lanka is an initiative that started in assisting the Sri Lankan Community, who are in need of a computer and cannot afford it for enhancing their computer skills in enabling them to enhance their current livelihood.

We as an organization try to evaluate and identify the needs of such individuals or organizations that are in desperate need of a computer and bridge it with a donor in providing the requirement so that it will enhance the skills as well as uplift the lives of many.

According to the Sri Lankan Government statistics (http://www.statistics.gov.lk/), Sri Lankans have a computer literacy rate of 30.1 %  (2019), however the household owned computer or laptop remains at a low of 22%.

Percentage of computer owned households by sector, province, and Survey year

So it is our intention to assist the need of the much needed Sri Lanka community with a computer, that will not only provide the literacy but will shape their future and finally the country.

We get an overwhelming amount of Computer Aid Request. As it our obligation to provide it to the much-needed Sri Lankans along with our donors, we do a strict need assessment, background and reference check, which helps us eliminate false requests and benefit those truly in need. Our commitment to those that gifted the computer to us, is that is handed over to Sri Lankans that are of much need to enhance their current livelihood or skills.